• Miles Sherts

What If?

What if you’re wrong?

I don’t mean there’s something wrong with you, or you’re not good enough.

That kind of self-judgement is made up by your ego, and is always toxic to your being.

I mean, what if things are not the way you think they are?

It’s happened before.

Remember all those things you were so sure of,

that turned out to be something else.

I know questioning your conclusions makes you uncomfortable.

But your pretense of knowing only confines you

and that is why you feel so trapped

So here’s your chance.

Question your most treasured assumptions.

What if you are not a private mind,

housed in a body that is born and dies,

separate from all others,

isolated in your own personal story,

that no one else can share with you?

I mean, really, does that make any sense?

What if, instead, you are part of an unlimited whole mind –

a creative consciousness that is your eternal source?

What if, you are a process, instead of a finished product, and you are constantly growing, evolving, changing, like all the rest of life around you?

What if you are part of the whole picture, instead of separated from it?

How would that change your world?

What would you do then?

What would be important to you,

and what would you dream of?

If you knew you were part of an eternal consciousness,

that includes all of life in the entire universe,

what would you worry about?

What would you be afraid of?

Can you imagine the possibilities?

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