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     Sky Meadow is a retreat center, organic permaculture homestead, and intentional community, located on a scenic and secluded 120 acre historic hill farm in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Our mission is to model a sustainable lifestyle, connected to the earth and sourcing our basic needs from this land with minimal use of fossil fuel energy, while providing the perfect setting for personal and spiritual growth and deep healing work.  

      We offer a uniquely private and focused container  for the important work of becoming present and self-aware. Our magnificent nature sanctuary begins at the end of a quiet dirt road, and there is no traffic or noise to distract from the remarkable stillness here. We host only one retreat group at a time, limited to 16 people, providing a rare level of intimacy, privacy, and personal attention.

          Sky Meadow Retreat is genuinely holistic, grounded in daily interaction with nature. Our energy efficient buildings are made by hand and carefully designed and placed to preserve the wild beauty of this land. We grow and process much of the food we serve and firewood we use for heat and cooking, providing an integrity to our service that is essential for the kind of deep inner work we want to promote.

     In this industrial age where most of our resources come from far away and we know little about how they are managed, we take a different approach. If we cannot produce what we need here, we try to use materials and ingredients produced sustainably by other small businesses or communities nearby. We believe that the depth of the renewal that happens for people here is enhanced by our caring and personal relationship with our guests and with this land.


We maintain a simple lifestyle, use renewable resources, and work with our hands to provide many of our basic needs.  We offer guests, interns, and residents a practical lifestyle grounded in conscious earth stewardship and gratitude for the abundance that nature provides.  

      As a community, we are dedicated to awakening human potential by fostering deeper connections with ourselves, other people, and the world of nature. We cultivate a tranquil oasis of serenity,  using skills to realize independence from the thinking mind, and recognize the source of life as a vibrant field of eternal energy within and around us.

       Living in cities with constant stimulation and distraction can obscure our connection to source, leaving us in a state of chronic anxiety. In the rush of this world, the thinking mind dominates and distorts our experience, cutting us off from our senses and concealing our natural joy beneath the weight of daily stress and worry. 

Sky Meadow Mission


       Here you can change that. This is a place

to slow down, listen, and take direction from the subtle energy that is often overwhelmed by chronic thinking. Doing this can be much harder than it sounds. It is difficult to pay attention to this moment and not be swept away by your thoughts. Here we support you in undertaking the challenging and noble endeavor of coming to peace within yourself, reconnecting with your innate serenity and wisdom, and walking that out into the world.