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        Miles began practicing meditation, in a Buddhist Monastery in Sri Lanka in 1976, and had a profound awakening experience. Drawn to a simpler and more serene way of life, he lived on organic farms, homesteads, intentional communities, retreat centers, and monasteries in his twenties. At the age of 30, he had developed his own vision for a holistic retreat center integrated with a sustainable earth-based lifestyle. 

Miles Sherts

        Miles purchased Sky Meadow as a run-down hill farm

in 1988 and started Sky Meadow Retreat  ten years later. He chose

Vermont because of its ruggedly wild and remote landscape, profound tranquility, and relative proximity to population centers in the Northeast. He has spent over 30 years manifesting his vision of a uniquely personal place for individual growth and spiritual transformation, within a secluded nature sanctuary and self-sufficient homestead, managed by a small intentional community. 

        Miles has a passion for teaching and guiding others to have experiences of awakening that clarify their meaning and purpose and provide genuine relief from the chronic anxiety and stress of life. His teaching is grounded by his daily work as a land steward, farmer, builder, and community leader. He believes that living close to the earth helps us recognize our inherent connection with all of life, and has dedicated Sky Meadow to helping others learn this way.

 Miles is also trained as a professional mediator, teaches conflict resolution and communication skills, and coaches couples. He is the author of Beyond Perception: A Guide to Meditation, Conscious Communication: A Language of Connection, and Conscious Communication for Couples. He leads small group retreats and works with couples here at Sky Meadow and at other venues worldwide. 

               Miles continues to play an active role in the day to day operations of Sky Meadow. His vision, experience and wisdom, shared with guests, interns, and co-managers here creates a consciously evolving spiritual home for seekers in self-awareness and personal growth. Miles loves to spend time on this land and is frequently found wandering in the woods, sitting by a fire, or swimming in the spring fed ponds.

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Miles with Sarah, a 2019 intern, cleaning the net used to make apple cider