Sky Meadow Retreat offers several residency options for seasonal interns and long-term co-managers. We offer internships in Conscious Living and are also looking for a few qualified managers to run the Retreat Center business and the organic farm/homestead. This a structured, full-time, residential, internship or job opportunity for people serious about meaningful work, conscious, intentional community, homesteading and farming, and personal growth and awareness.


Internship in Conscious Living

"What Sky Meadow offers is a freedom from the excesses of modern life, and a sanctuary to reconnect with nature and self. "
- Oliver, 2017 Resident

Sky Meadow offers an Internship in Conscious Living for people who want to deepen self-awareness and learn skills in organic farming and homesteading as well as retreat hosting and management. You will be part of a small conscious community of 3-8 residents focused on spiritual growth and presence, tending the land, growing food, and serving guests who attend retreats. In exchange for approximately 30 hours of work per week you receive a private, fully equipped cabin, food staples, utilities including internet, and a magical place to call home.

Sky Meadow is a self-sufficient organic vegetarian homestead where we work with our hands to provide our needs from this land. We are also a conscious community with the intention of supporting each other’s personal and spiritual growth. We are not a cult, do not teach a religion, and don’t ask you to believe in an ideal. Rather we are dedicated to teaching and practicing skills for refining your own awareness and presence in order to see clearly for yourself what is real and true. We expect you to be responsible for your own well-being and care about the needs of the other people living with you, so we can live and work together as a coordinated community while also being sovereign individuals.

This is an intensive immersion experience for people who are serious about learning skills and are willing and able to fully engage. You will learn by practicing Insight Meditation, Conscious Communication skills, community living, intensive organic farming, homesteading, land stewardship, building maintenance, and retreat center management. It requires physical work often outdoors, an ability to focus yourself, stay on task, and take responsibility for your projects. You must be able to follow directions and willing to be a beginner, as well as take leadership at times.

      To learn these skills takes time and we favor interns who can commit to a  year to experience the full cycle of the homestead and retreat, or our 8 month season, April 1 – November 30. We will consider partial season interns in some circumstances (4 month minimum)

"The land is magical and vast. The community is intimate. The opportunities for inner work are never ending and the community meditation and classes have worked in perfect conjunction to break down barriers to truth. "
- Kiva, 2019 Resident

Residential Co-Managers


Sky Meadow also offers long term residency for skilled people who want to live and work in a conscious community and dedicate themselves to supporting self-awareness and presence in themselves and others. We are looking for people with experience and skills growing organic vegetables and fruit for self-sufficiency in a northern climate, eco-conscious building maintenance and property management, and/or business and marketing management of a retreat center. You must be committed to your own personal growth, have a regular practice of meditation and responsible communication, be self-motivated and interested in serving a larger vision for the healing of humanity and the earth.

      In exchange for approximately 40 hours per week you will receive a fully equipped year-round private cabin, food staples, utilities including internet, and a monthly stipend and/or share of the retreat income. You must be able to commit to at least a year, and be interested in and available for a longer-term position. Co-managers begin as an unpaid intern for at least the first month, and are paid once they can assume significant responsibility for some part of Sky Meadow. After a year there is an opportunity to become a business partner.

Resident Testimonials

         I needed the peaceful and direct experience with nature that Sky Meadow offers. I grew up in NYC and had only experienced a city-based lifestyle, which for me was wholly inadequate. What Sky Meadow offers is a freedom from the excesses of modern life, and a sanctuary to reconnect with nature and self. 

         By planting my own food, cutting my own wood for heat, caring for and being cognizant  for the lifelines that nature affords, I was able to understand the priceless connection that nature offers to us. Sky Meadow showed me what was obvious but distant from city-life: we rely totally on the resources of nature, individually and collectively.
        Solace is offered to those who feel that our society is irrevocably out-of-balance, as Sky Meadow's homestead is an example of how simple it is to survive and thrive. And independence is offered to those who feel dependent and addicted to modern life: land and community is all you need. 

           I am now back in the city, but with a different perspective than I had one year ago, before my time at Sky Meadow. I want to orient myself and society more towards the systems that really matter. I feel a sense of freedom knowing that life does not have to be complicated. Joy is physical nourishment and a free mind. For me Sky Meadow was just that.


Oliver Diller

2017- 2018 Resident

In this video Sarah and Jonas describe their experience of living at Sky Meadow Retreat.

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