1. Complete the booking form below. Be as specific as possible regarding your intentions for your retreat.

  2. Once your dates are confirmed, we will invoice you via PayPal for the deposit. You will have two weeks to pay the deposit after initial booking. If we have not received your deposit after two weeks, the dates will be released for booking to the public.

  3. Upon receipt of your deposit we will send a confirmation email with details for your retreat. You will receive documents for yourself, the retreat leader, and for your guests.

  4. About 2 weeks before your retreat, you will receive an email requesting the number of registrants, any dietary restrictions (if we are doing the cooking), and your estimated arrival time.

Catering Options

     Farm to Fork

     We specialize in serving bountiful farm to fork buffet style vegetarian/vegan meals that are both healthy and delicious. Our dishes are made from scratch and feature in-season, organic, fresh, and whole ingredients whenever possible. Most of the vegetables and fruit comes from our own gardens, or from local farms. Each meal begins with a short circle blessing and brief introduction by the cook. If you let us know about any special food needs ahead of time, we will do our best to accommodate them.

      We ask that each person wash their own dishes and utensils, and sign up for at least one after-meal clean up or other housekeeping job. If we are providing meals for your retreat, we will not have a refrigerator or kitchen space for you to store or cook your own food. You may bring your own pre-cooked food with your own cooler and ice.


      We can be flexible with you up to a 15-minute delay, and ask that you also be flexible with us for possible delays on our end, although this is not common. If your group is delayed more than 15 minutes the meal will go out on the buffet and be left for you. 

Farm to Fork Catering

Tea and fruit are available

through out the day

We do not serve coffee; however,

you may bring your own.


Meal Plan A

Opening Dinner, first day  6:30PM

followed by Orientation 7:30PM

 Daily Breakfast 8:00AM  

Lunch 12:00PM

Dinner 6:00PM    


Meal Plan B

Opening Dinner, first day 6:30PM

followed by Orientation 7:30PM

Daily Tea and fruit out by 7:30AM

Brunch 10:30AM

Dinner 5:00PM

     Self Catered

  If you choose not to have us provide meals for your retreat, our kitchen is user friendly and has all the equipment you need. We ask that you do not cook meat or fish in any of our kitchens. You may serve cold meat and fish that has already been cooked.

     Please choose your meal plan at the time of booking.  We are a working farm and community and depend on a steady meal schedule to continue our work here and therefore meals plans should not be mixed or changed, although Brunch for Meal Plan A on the last day is possible.

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Retreat Fees & Deposit Information

Daily Rate

Self-Catered Retreat:

$55 per person per night (2 night minimum)

Groups provide all of their own food, cooking, and cleaning.

Farm-To-Fork Retreat:

$110 per person per night

(2 night minimum)

Sky Meadow provides all meals, guests wash their own dishes, help tidy the dining area, and provide their own coffee if needed.


There is a 2 night minimum and a 10 person minimum. (or the equivalent fee)

There is a 12 person minimum to use the ground level rooms and bathroom.



There is a 10% discount per person per night for stays of five (5) days or longer.

Leaders who book a minimum of 12 participants receive a private room.

We have special referral discounts and discounts for fully booked retreats, please inquire.


Required Deposit:

Reservations require a non-refundable, non transferable deposit of $200/night. Deposit remittances may be made by check or credit card.

Payment of Balances Due:

Balances Due are payable on the last day of your retreat. You will receive an invoice detailing any additional charges on the morning of your last day. Cash or check is preferred for balance payment, however, we do accept credit cards.

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What We Provide

  • We provide comfortable mattresses, blankets and pillows.  You bring your own bed linens or sleeping bag, pillow case, and towel. We do offer linen rentals for your guests at $35 for a complete set of bed and bath linens. 

  • Fully equipped kitchen. Including cookware, tableware, and glassware. (If we are cooking for your retreat, these facilities are not available to you).

  •  Wood fired heat. We provide the wood and maintain the wood stove that supplies radiant heat throughout the retreat center.

  • Orientation to Sky Meadow (required on the first day). We cover all the details necessary for a safe and enjoyable stay at Sky Meadow Retreat. A required waiver will be presented and signed at the orientation.

  • A welcome sheet for each participant to receive before the retreat to guide packing, give driving directions and expected etiquette while at Sky Meadow.

  • Internet Service from 6am-10pm, made available at the leader's request.

What We Do Not Provide

  • Laundry Facilities

  • E-mail or Mail Services

  • Package delivery

  • Mailing left items

Procedures and Policies

  • We cannot accommodate children or pets. 

  • Our neighbors are very sensitive to traffic on our road so we ask that you not arrive or use the road after 10:00 pm or before 7:00 am and only drive in and out when necessary.

  • We do not allow alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, or firearms on the property.

  • We do not allow meat or fish to be cooked in the Retreat Barn kitchen (Prepared cold meats and/or fish may be served if you are doing your own meal preparation).

  • We ask that every registered guest sleep at Sky Meadow. For guests desiring more privacy, primitive cabins are available at no extra charge and upgraded accommodations are available at additional cost.

  • The retreat barn will be open for your use at 4PM the afternoon of your first day. Please be sure that a leader or organizer is here to greet people before any participants arrive. We ask that no one come into the main building for any reason before 4PM on the day your retreat begins unless you have clearly negotiated another time with us before you arrive.

  •  We ask all guests to observe quiet hours inside the retreat barn or outdoors after 10:00PM with the exception of the dance pavilion building.

  • Please be cleaned up and out by 2PM on your last day. To keep our costs down, we ask each group to clean up and leave the buildings and rooms as you found them, which typically takes ½ hour. 


  • We encourage carpooling as much as possible as our parking space is limited.

  • We do not allow retreat leaders to bring contract labor for services such as massage, catering or cooking (We can provide those services here).

  • If you plan to have Sky Meadow Retreat provide your meal service, please review the details provided on the Ancillary Services page and the pricing above.