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From staff workshop participants - Omega Institute:

As a facilitator, Miles brings with him a graceful balance of intuition, sensitivity and practicality to the art of conscious communication.   His style is clear and directive as well as empowering and caring.  I have attended several workshops and trainings in the area of communication and empathic listening, and I found Mile's workshop to be one of the most helpful and balanced thus far.  The simple and useful communication tools Miles teaches and shares are invaluable for helping to improve the quality and depth of all relationships and facets of life--- both personally and professionally.   This work he teaches in the area of conscious communication creates a powerful opening for more caring and connected relations.

I had the privilege of attending Miles' Conscious Communication workshop for staff in April, 2012. It was phenomenal! Miles has the distinct ability to gauge the workshop material to the group and is extremely intuitive and insightful in addressing personal issues that arise in class as a result of practicing his conscious communication exercises. He is a gifted teacher and his compassion and humour shine brightly. If you want to deepen your relationships, you owe it to yourself to spend some quality time with Miles Sherts!
Luc Sauve - Manager on duty -Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

From college students:  

"Miles is an excellent instructor. His abundant knowledge of this area is amazing and when utilized works very well...I might add!"

"Miles Sherts is an extremely intelligent and passionate teacher. He clearly knows the subject matter, comes to class prepared for the day, starts and dismisses class on time, shows respect for students opinions, assigns plenty of homework per subject matter with clear instructions, reviews the homework consistently. He challenges his students with a positive approach."

"Very well designed course, when we met for the day on Saturdays the instructor was always well planned and filled the day completely."

"He knew how to make me comfortable enough to open up. He made him self one of the members of the class instead of making it seem like he was the head of the class. He understands what he teaches which allows him to have a better outcome. He was able to explain his reasons for grades and always made sure to correct the answer so we could figure out what we did wrong. He made the assignments challenging and personal which made us push ourselves more (perfect for the class; communication)."

"Miles was very good at explaining the coursework and helping us through every step. Everything was very organized and looked at in a timely manner. We all understood what was expected and when. "

"Miles was an exceltent instructor. I really like the structure of the class and it seemed to work out really well. He is very good at explain his techniques."

"I think Miles is a wonderful teacher, he had a teaching style that made everyone feel instantly comfortable. He is a very compassionate teacher and you just know that he loves what he does."   

"Miles is good at what he does.  He keeps the class focused, centered, and in control. He also has a good sense of humor."

 "The instructor was excellent.  He knows his material."

"Miles was well prepared and it is evident that he does this often."

"Miles is very enthusiastic about the subject and did a great job."

"Miles is a very good instructor of this class. He really understood the different issues we deal with and helped to find ways to solve communication problems."

"Miles is great at creating a safe place the classroom to discuss and practice these new skills"

"The instructor was very enthusiastic about the subject and genuinely involved. He used all the skills that he was trying to teach us very effectively, which made me trust in his own communication ability.  For example; he was excellent at summarizing and paraphrasing our messages.  He also demonstrated in a conversation with one of the students how to listen well.  Overall I thought he knew a lot about the subject and did a great job in teaching this to the students."

"Miles is an excellent instructor. He was easy to follow, humorous, and empathetic. Despite the fact there was a great deal of territory to cover, the workshop did not feel rushed. He listened patiently to his students and was effective at keeping the conversation on track."

"The instructor was very clear and interesting in his presentation.  He kept the class alert at all times.  Everybody was participating.  Miles is a great instructor."

"Miles was very effective as an instructor due to his ability to effectively use the principles he was teaching. He knows his subject extremely well.  He is very organized and very proficient."

"The instructor, Miles Sherts, is a gifted teacher, speaker, and listener.  I wish he was on core staff as a course instructor.  Many other teachers could benefit from his teaching."

"Even though I hate role-plays, once we got into them Miles made it a lot easier to deal with.  He knows his material and he knows when to let things be serious and when to inject humor. He does a fantastic job with the group!"

"Miles was very effective.  He made me feel comfortable, which in turn made me want to participate in discussions and role playing."

"I truly enjoyed the way that the instructor presented the material from the book.  He is also very good at role playing with situations thrown at him."

"Miles was a wonderful instructor. He made all of us feel very comfortable from the first day.  He really helped me personally identify my weaknesses and strengths with communicating and asserting myself."

"This workshop was immensely helpful!  I feel that I am using the tools already that I learned, and the quality of communication between myself and others (family especially) has improved.  Miles is an effective instructor and I learned a great deal."

"I felt that Miles is a very impressionable and eager instructor.  The role play that he used was very useful to demonstrate the materials that we covered."

"We are all taught to be reflective listeners, but no one really explained how we might go about doing this, much less why. This workshop gives the understanding needed to be an effective communicator.  I feel that Miles' role plays were extremely significant to this workshop. He was quick to think of scenarios for the class to become active in.  I like this because problems arise all the time and take us by surprise.  We didn't have time to prepare for the scenarios, and in the real lives of people, active listeners as well as assertive people don't have time to plan out responses. It was these role play scenarios that helped me understand the process."

"Loved the class and loved Miles' relaxed way of running the class. Thank you for helping my life!"

“He really exceeded the expectations I had for this class. It was challenging work, but he helped you through it and really knows his stuff!”

“I wish I had more teachers like this in my previous years here”

“He knows his stuff, and loves what he does”

“He was very organized and kept on track”

“Very open atmosphere, unlike other classes”

“The best I’ve had.  It adds another dimension to the learning to know each student’s name and a little about them.”

“Comfortable setting. Everyone feels safe”


"Miles, I just wanted to thank you for this course. When I first enrolled in it, I wasn’t sure I was actually going to like the course. But I did feel that it would be useful to me when I obtain my Human Services Degree. I felt that it would be useful with clients. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought it would utterly and completely change me and my relationships with others. Nor did I ever think that by taking one course that I could change my children’s future communication skills. So thank you for that. I will definitely keep trying to use the skills you’ve taught me. And as I said before, I know that at times I’ll fail miserably. But then I’ll think, 'Use what Miles taught you' and be able to rectify my mistakes."

From Marie McGregor
-Americorps VISTA Basic Needs Specialist

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