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  • A Spiritual Path

    A spiritual path is essentially a choice to go through the pain instead of trying to numb ourselves from it or cover it up with a belief in ideals.  

    To learn the truth of our existence, we do not have to harden ourselves or create more pain to endure. We simply have to be fully present and allow the pain that is there in our experience inherently to be felt. 

    We have to be willing to face it directly and meet it without turning away.  And we have to look sincerely for the real roots of our pain and not settle for blaming it on circumstances beyond our control.

    - Beyond Perception


    Using a Map

    A spiritual path is a way of cultivating the conditions within our mind to have an experience.  As such it is like a map showing us how to get to a certain destination.

    Just as it takes some time and effort to understand and use a map, it may take some time and effort to understand and use a spiritual teaching. Yet, the point is never to become an expert on the map. The point is to have the experience that the map is pointing to.

    - Beyond Perception


Self-directed Solo Retreats at Sky Meadow

         providing your own food - available:  April - November
                            two-night minimum for all solo retreats

A solo retreat offers quiet time for an individual or couple to step away from the demands of your daily routine for a moment and connect more deeply with yourselves or each other. Our secluded setting close to nature and away from distractions provides a perfect opportunity to still the mind and release stress.

Stay in a spacious private apartment in the retreat barn. Prepare your own meals. (vegetarian only), and follow your own rhythm. You will have access to a full bath and equipped kitchen, as well as the trails, ponds, and meditation huts on our 120 acre property.

$220/individual - $320/couple for two nights
$110/person - $160/couple for each additional night
extended solos - 10% discount for 5 nights or longer 

You can spend your time in your private room or out in nature as you wish. We ask that you limit social contact and trips out in your car to only what is necessary, and take this opportunity to be still and go inward in whatever way suits you.

Your room may have wireless internet access for your laptop or other device, and cell phones usually work here. Our home land-line phone can be used for receiving or making emergency calls only. This number is: 802-533-2505.

 We ask that you do not bring alcohol, tobacco, meat or fish, recreational drugs, pets, or camping vehicles, and that you do not use your car or phone while on retreat, unless there is an urgent need. We supply comfortable beds with blankets and pillows, and you bring your own linens or sleeping bag, towel, and pillowcase. (or rent them from us for $35)

Additional support may be available for solo retreats in the form of daily silent group meditation periods, and private sessions with Miles which focus on meditation and spiritual growth, or conscious communication skills. The suggested donation for individual instruction and support is $60/hour.

To register for a solo retreat, first e-mail us to see if the dates you want are available and briefly describe how you plan to use your solo time. If we agree on available retreat dates, we will e-mail you an invoice to pay a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of half the estimated cost of your solo retreat by credit card via PayPal to reserve your space.

You may also pay in full at this time. We cannot accept credit cards at the retreat. Please bring cash or check to your retreat to pay for the balance.

Upon receipt of your deposit we will send a confirmation e-mail with details for your retreat. Check-in time for solo retreats is 4:00 and check-out time is 2:30 - unless other arrangements are made.


In late autumn, I had the opportunity to enjoy a 4-day solo retreat at Sky Meadow. My retreats in the past have typically been organized group retreats in the Zen tradition, and my purpose during this period was to focus my time on meditation in that style. During my stay, I was lodged in “The Pond House,” a delightful little (~700sq ft) two-story cabin with views onto two of the site's several ponds.

The Pond House is a clean, pleasant, bright space, heated by a wood-fired antique stove-top oven. The kitchen area includes two gas-fired burners, a small fridge/freezer, and a gravity-fed sink. There is also a composting toilet in the cabin, but it's only a short and pleasant walk across to the barn, where there are flush toilets. The house has ample windows and faces south, making for lovely light all day long and the upstairs area has lots of open space for meditating, yoga, or other creative endeavors you might be planning. While I went alone, the area is easily comfortable for a couple.

Beyond the cabin, the site has several trails and—as the center's name suggests—a large meadow for walking around a stretching the legs. Additionally, the meadow has a screened in hut for meditating, as well as a small cave feature—not to mention inspiring views of Vermont's rugged and remote Northeast Kingdom. During walks and at all other times, Sky Meadow's staff is very respectful of the intentions of retreatants, interacting only at the level which you choose.

The combination of solitude, a comfortable space, an inspiring setting, and attuned staff contributed to a very valuable retreat time for me. I certainly hope to return—and I highly recommend Sky Meadow for others seeking a place to enjoy the beauty of the outer-world, explore the inner-world, and grow.  
Kel Rossiter - Burlington VT. -
Founder of Adventure Sprit Guides