Sky Meadow Retreat

Reserve Sky Meadow for a group retreat

We are open for group retreats April - November. The retreat center is in a newly renovated 100-year-old barn that sleeps 16 people and includes a large open hardwood floor surrounded by windows, dining room, couch area, and wood stove.  Off this main room are three shared dorm rooms, each with four large beds, two full shared baths, and a fully equipped kitchen, including eating dishes and utensils.   On the lower floor, near the pond, garden, and sheep pen, are two more dorm rooms, with two beds each, and a shared full bath.  These lower rooms are only available to groups larger than 12 people. Retreats are limited to 16 people.

 We do not provide single indoor rooms for participants. However, we have two self-contained apartments in the retreat barn for solo retreats that can be reserved by individuals or couples who are part of a group retreat for an additional fee of $120 for 2 nights for 1-2 people. If you are interested in this option please go to our self-directed solo retreat page and make separate arrangements with us ahead of your retreat.

We have other sleeping options for no additional fee which include two small unheated cabins, the Cob House and Mouse House (without electricity), which are both charming and private. Each has with two beds with blankets and pillows and are available for leaders, couples or individuals who need more privacy. We also offer a rustic 18 foot Sioux style Tipi and the original homestead Maple Sugar House, both with an enclosed fire pit and sleeping platforms with mats. Participants may also set up their own tent or sleep in the cave, stone lean-to, or camper van.

We provide comfortable mattresses, blankets and pillows.  You bring your own bed linens or sleeping bag, pillow case, and towel.  We cannot accommodate children or pets. We have no laundry facility and cannot receive mail or e-mail for you here.  Our neighbors are very sensitive to traffic on our road so we ask that you not arrive or use the road after 10:00 pm, or before 6:00 am, everyone sleep at Sky Meadow, and only drive in and out when necessary.  We do not allow alcohol, meat or fish, and have quiet hours indoors and out from 10PM to 6AM

We request that each participant receive the welcome sheet we will send to you when you confirm your reservation. (Information for people attending a retreat)  The retreat barn will be open for your use after 4PM the afternoon of your first day. Please be sure that a leader or organizer is here to greet people before any participants arrive.    

We ask that no one come into the main building for any reason before 4PM on the day your retreat begins unless you have clearly negotiated another time with us before you arrive.  We ask all guests to observe quiet hours inside the retreat barn or outdoors after 10:00 with the exception of the dance pavilion building.

 Please be cleaned up and out by 4PM on your last day.  We also ask each participant to sign a waiver of liability form and participate in a half hour orientation talk upon arrival.  To keep our costs down, we ask each group to clean up and leave the buildings and rooms as you found them.  This usually takes one half to one hour.  Parking is limited to 14 cars in winter so please carpool as much as possible.

Sky Meadow Retreat Fees and Deposit Information:
To confirm a booking with us you will need to pay a binding non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $400/weekend plus $200 for each additional night. 

To book a group retreat, first e-mail us to see if the dates you want are available and briefly describe how you plan to use your time here. If we agree on available retreat dates, we will e-mail you an invoice to deposit by credit card via PayPal to reserve your space.

Or, you can deposit by personal check payable to:   Sky Meadow Retreat    63 Winchester Rd.  Greensboro Bend, VT 05842

You may also pay in full at this time. We cannot accept credit cards at the retreat. Please bring cash or check to your retreat to pay for the balance.

Upon receipt of your deposit we will send a confirmation e-mail with details for your retreat.

You will have two weeks to deposit after initial booking.   If we have not received your deposit after two weeks you will lose your dates.   We would also like to know your estimated times of arrival and departure, numbers attending, and meal requests at the time of booking, as well as contact information for the organizer or leader.  Our fees are per person for the entire length of your retreat.  We do not reduce fees for someone who is not here for your whole program.   Please pay by one check only, or cash, by the end of your retreat.    

Fees   (minimum stay is two nights)
$210 per person for weekend with food
$100  per person for weekend without food

Room cost per person: 
$100 / 2 nights,  $50 each additional night
$45 / night for 5+ nights

We require a minimum of ten people or the equivalent fee.

You may have us do meals, or you may use our kitchen to cook your own meals. The kitchen is fully equipped and user friendly. We do not allow alcohol and ask that no meat or fish be cooked at Sky Meadow.

Meal costs, per person:
$110/ 2 days - $55 each additional day
(includes tea and fruit available through the day) 
We do not serve coffee.  You may bring your own

Additional meals
$15 - breakfast,    $20 - lunch,      $20 - dinner 

Meal schedule:    Opening dinner  6:30   
         Breakfast 8:00   Lunch 12:00   Dinner 6:00    

 These are times that work best for us and for most groups, and we use this schedule unless you indicate Plan B when you book. . We are a working farm and community and depend on a steady meal schedule to continue our work here.

We also offer an alternate meal schedule, Plan B:     Tea and fruit out early,   Brunch 10:30   Dinner 5:00 
                 Please choose at the time of booking. 

    We can be flexible with you up to a 15-minute delay, and ask that you also be flexible with us for possible delays on our end, although this is not common. If your group is delayed more than 15 minutes the meal will go out on the buffet and be left for you. 

    We specialize in serving bountiful buffet vegetarian/vegan meals that are both healthy and delicious. Our dishes are made from scratch and feature local, in-season, organic, fresh, and whole ingredients whenever possible. Many of the vegetables come from our own garden and we often cook without dairy products.  Each meal begins with a short circle blessing and brief introduction by the cook. If you let us know about any special food needs ahead of time, we will do our best to accommodate them.

    We ask that each person wash their own dish and utensils, and sign up for at least one kitchen clean up or other housekeeping job. If we are providing meals for your retreat, we will not have refrigerator or kitchen space for you to store or cook your own food. You may bring your own pre-cooked food with your own cooler and ice.

    If you choose not to have us provide meals for your retreat, our kitchen is user friendly and has all the equipment you should need. We ask that you do not cook meat or fish in any of our kitchens. You may serve cold meat and fish that has already been cooked.