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Mediation and Facilitation Services

A mediator usually meets with two or more people in a neutral and confidential setting to help the parties resolve a conflict. The mediator facilitates a negotiation between the different sides in a dispute without taking sides. The aim of mediation is to reach a solution that each person can live with.
Mediators do not make decisions or control the content of the meetings beyond keeping the focus on one issue at a time and helping the parties find areas of agreement. A trained and skilled mediator can reframe the conflict in terms of each parties basic needs which often opens the way for creative new solutions.

Mediation usually involves several sessions of 1-2 hours, depending on the nature of the conflict and ability of the parties to negotiate with each other. The mediator will take notes and draft an agreement between the parties as they make proposals and reach resolutions. If necessary this draft agreement can be turned into a legal document by an attorney.

A facilitator usually meets with a group or organization to help structure and focus the meeting. The facilitator remains neutral and controls the process of the meeting to insure that everyone has a chance to be heard and discussions stay on topic. The facilitator will guide the negotiation and decision making process if the group needs to make a decision. The facilitator does not control the content of the meeting or make decisions for the group.

A professionally trained and skilled facilitator can help any meeting to run more smoothly and effectively. A facilitator is not directly involved in the business at hand and therefore has the capacity to focus primarily on the process. Knowing that someone else is holding the space for the group allows the participants to fully express themselves and engage in discussions. A facilitator can also demonstrate and describe the skills involved so that group members can learn to facilitate their own meetings.

Fees for mediation or facilitation services range from $100 - $150/hour, plus $50/hour for phone and travel time, depending on the amount of time involved and the nature of your organization

Miles Sherts trained as a professional mediator at Woodbury College in 1988 and practiced divorce and family mediation in collaboration with the Vermont Family Court for the next ten years. He has taught Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Resolution skills at the Community College of Vermont and other institutions since 1990, and in 2010 published Conscious Communication.
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Miles Sherts

Miles has mediated in disputes involving couples, families, neighborhoods, small businesses, and municipalities. He has facilitated meetings for food coops, social service agencies, town boards, businesses, and communities. Miles has also led trainings in meeting facilitation, conscious communication skills, collaborative negotiation, and effective leadership.

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