Sky Meadow Retreat

The Land

This land was an original homestead lot with a small farm house dating back to 1850. It retains its rugged and wild character while also reflecting a century and a half of gentle settlement by our European ancestors. The retreat has developed slowly here since 1988 and all of the new developments have been done with the beauty and integrity of the natural landscape in mind.

Sky Meadow is a working homestead providing much of our food from our large organic gardens, and our winter heat from the thickly wooded forests.  We have made trails throughout the land so that you can explore the different forests and fields, and added a few buildings for shelter. Yet this is far from the kind of sterile urban development that most of us are used to. This is a land on the edge of civilization, where in a moment you can find yourself surrounded by wilderness with no signs of human habitation.

Starting from the retreat barn, there are trails leading through fields and forests to seven different ponds and the expansive views from the hill top meadow. Along the way you will find other outbuildings for your use, including the whimsical Cob house, meditation gazebo, tipi, several cabins, and a round dance pavilion (30’) with an open fire pit and screened walls - ideal for movement, music, or campfires in any kind of weather.