Sky Meadow Retreat

Information for people attending a retreat at Sky Meadow

We provide comfortable mattresses, blankets and pillows.  Please bring your own bed linens (double beds) or sleeping bag, pillowcase, and towel. All indoor rooms are spacious shared dorms including large, firm, foam mattresses, privacy curtains and individual reading lights on most beds.

Our main building is heated primarily with wood, which we harvest in a sustainable way from this forest. Sourcing our needs from the land connects us to the earth, and is key to the integrity of our mission – to provide a sustainable sanctuary for holistic healing and transformation.

 With wood heat some of the rooms may get cold in temperatures below freezing. We encourage you to bring warm pajamas and socks to sleep in, as well as an extra down comforter or sleeping bag if you are concerned about being cold at night.

We do not provide single indoor rooms for participants. However, we have several fully equipped private spaces for solo retreats that can be reserved by individuals or couples who are part of a group retreat for an additional fee of $120 for 2 nights for 1-2 people. If you are interested in this option please go to our self-directed solo retreat page and make separate arrangements with us ahead of your retreat.

We have other sleeping options for no additional fee including two small unheated cabins, the Cob House and Mouse House (without electricity), which are both charming and private. Each has with two beds with blankets and pillows and are available May--October for leaders, couples or individuals who want more privacy. We also offer a rustic 18 foot Sioux style tipi on top of the hill and the original homestead maple sugar house in the woods, both with an enclosed fire pit and sleeping platforms with mats. Participants may also set up their own tent or sleep in the dance pavilion, stone hut, camper van, or cave.

We cannot accommodate children or pets.  We have no laundry facility and cannot receive mail or e-mail for you here. Our neighbors are very sensitive to traffic on our road so we ask that you sleep here, carpool whenever possible, and not arrive or use the road after 10p.m. or before 7a.m. The retreat center maintains quiet hours indoors and out from 10:PM to 7AM, and we do not allow alcohol, meat, or fish to be brought here.

The barn preparation team needs to have the barn to ourselves until the designated time for arrival of your retreat.  We ask that no one come into the main building for any reason before 4p.m. on the day your retreat begins, unless your leader has negotiated an earlier arrival time with us.  If you are not sure of your designated arrival time please check with your leader. 

Our kitchen serves vegetarian/vegan food prepared from scratch using whole,  local, in-season, organic ingredients whenever possible. If you have a restricted diet please contact us ahead of your retreat and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. You can bring your own precooked food if you are concerned about having enough to eat. We have no cooking facilities or refrigerator space available to you, so you will need to bring your own cooler and ice.  We do not serve coffee, but do have coffee makers if you want to bring your own.

We have wireless internet and cell service for some phones

The phone number where people can reach you here in case of emergency is: 802-533-2505
If you need to reach the Sky Meadow Office, you can call: 802-533-2505 or e-mail:

Bed linens (for double beds), towel, pillow case, warm, comfortable, indoor and outdoor clothes, slippers (no shoes indoors), warm pajamas and down comforter (for below freezing weather)
bug repellent, sun screen, bathing suit, hiking boots, cross country skis, snow shoes, flashlight, driving directions

Dogs, alcohol, meat, fish, recreational drugs, motor homes, RV’s

We cannot accept credit cards at the retreat
Please bring cash or check to your retreat to pay for the balance

For Insight Meditation and Conscious Communication retreats:

If you are planning to travel to Sky Meadow by airplane, we recommend that you contact us one month or less before your retreat to be sure that the weekend has enough participants to run.