Sky Meadow Retreat

The Sky Meadow Founder

Miles purchased the property as a run-down hill farm in 1988 and founded Sky Meadow Retreat in 1999. His vision was to provide a uniquely personal place for individual growth and spiritual transformation, with a strong connection to nature. He chose Northeast Vermont because of its ruggedly wild and remote landscape and relative proximity to cities such as Boston, New York, Burlington, and Montreal.

Miles began practicing Buddhist Insight Meditation in Sri Lanka in 1976 and was trained as a professional mediator in 1988. He has taught Conscious Communication and conflict resolution skills and facilitated families, couples, and organizations since 1990, and led Insight Meditation retreats since 2000. He is the author of Conscious Communication and Beyond Perception.

In addition to leading retreats and writing, Miles maintains the buildings, manages the forests, fields, ponds, and gardens, and works in the office at Sky Meadow.  Miles loves to spend time in nature and is frequently found wandering in the woods or swimming in the spring fed ponds.