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Customized Trainings for Groups or Organizations

Miles is available for customized trainings for your group or organization, which may include:

Supportive Listening – A simple skill which teaches people how to set aside their own judgments and interpretations for a moment and understand what the other person is saying. Listening in this way enables us to focus on the other person’s experience, without labeling it as good or bad. This facilitates understanding and a sense of empathy that is essential for any type of relationship to function well.

Assertion Skills – These skills give us a constructive way to communicate to another person when their behavior has hurt or upset us. It allows for a direct dialogue in a respectful way and offers an effective alternative to withdrawing or attacking.

Collaborative Negotiation – This is a simple formula for making decisions cooperatively in a way that strengthens our relationships, while meeting our needs.  It is one of the most important skills for each of us to learn in this new era of equality between people. Many of us want to move beyond the traditional dynamics of authoritarian leadership in family, work, or school environments, yet we can’t because no one taught us how to share power or make decisions that include both people’s needs.

Meeting Facilitation – This is an essential skill set for any group that meets on a regular basis to conduct business or make decisions. Skilled facilitation can keep meetings focused while encouraging participation from all members. This training will enable any group member to facilitate and make your meetings more productive and enjoyable for everyone.

Shared Leadership – The familiar ways of top-down leadership are giving way to a new ideal that involves equality within groups or organizations, yet most of us don’t know how to achieve this. There is a great potential in having a flexible leadership process that allows different people to take point at different times in different situations. This training offers specific skills and processes that enable leadership and decision making to be shared among a group or team.

Building a Supportive Team  - Success in organizations today depends a lot on each individuals capacity to work as part of a team. This training will offer specific skills that individuals will need to collaborate in a healthy and productive way. Team members will learn simple ways to listen to and acknowledge each other’s concerns, while presenting their own feelings and needs in a respectful way. Different skill sets described above may be combined to customize this training for your specific needs.

Fees for customized trainings range from $100 - $200/hour, depending on the amount of time involved and the nature of your organization, plus $50/hour of phone and travel time.

Miles Sherts trained as a professional mediator at Woodbury College in 1988 and practiced divorce and family mediation in collaboration with the Vermont Family Court for the next ten years. He has taught Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Resolution skills at the Community College of Vermont and other institutions since 1990, and in 2010 published: Conscious Communication (see right column)

Miles Sherts

Miles has mediated in disputes involving couples, families, neighborhoods, small businesses, and municipalities. He has facilitated meetings for food coops, social service agencies, town boards, businesses, and communities. Miles has also led trainings in meeting facilitation, conscious communication skills, collaborative negotiation, and shared leadership for colleges, organizations, and businesses.

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