Sky Meadow Retreat

Conscious Communication Workshops
Typical weekend schedule

Friday Evening   7:30 – 9:30

  • Discuss the need for communication skills in the context of relationships based on equality, shared  power and cooperative decision making

  • Unconscious Communication habits (Disconnects) – discuss and demonstrate through active role play how our learned responses affect other people and impact our relationships - often preventing us from getting our basic needs met

Saturday Morning 9 – 12

  • Discuss Co-dependency and how it impacts relationships, and introduce  Emotional Responsibility as a way to establish positive boundaries for healthy relationships

  • Introduce emotions as indicators of unmet needs and develop a vocabulary of feeling words

  • Introduce Supportive Listening: validating other people's feelings and offering empathy– learn and practice in simple role plays

  • Supportive Listening:  reflecting feelings and facts – distinguishing between facts and opinions

  • Supportive Listening:  reflecting feelings, facts, and impacts – putting into words how the situation actually affects the person speaking – practice with role plays and written exercises

Saturday Afternoon 2 – 5

  • Transitioning to Facilitated Problem Solving when appropriate – asking open questions that encourage the person speaking to begin resolving their own dilemma

  • Live Demonstration of Supportive Listening

  • Live practice of Supportive Listening in pairs -  discussion afterwards about what worked and didn’t work

  • Supportive Listening when the other person is upset with you – learning and demonstration

  • Practice of Supportive Listening in role play scenarios with discussion afterwards

  • Discussion of Supportive Listening – when it is likely to work or not work, and how to apply to real situations without sounding mechanical or rehearsed

Saturday Evening  7:30 – 9:30

  • Playful exercises in pairs and groups (such as blind trust walks and pushing hands) that help us learn how to interact with other people in ways that include ourselves as well as the other person

  • Facilitated empathy circle using Supportive Listening skills - a chance to talk about personal issues and receive empathy and validation - all personal sharing is optional and confidential

Sunday Morning  9 – 12

  • Assertion –  how you deal with your own emotional charges – the usual responses of withdrawal or attack and the assertive approach of caring about yourself and caring about the other person

  • Informal Assertions – asking for what you want and letting other’s know about your needs

  • Formal Assertion messages – expressing your feelings and needs in three parts (similar to Listening)

  • Writing a three part message for a current situation in your life

  • Demonstration of how to deliver the message, and practice delivering the message in an un-scripted role play

  • Closure – making this new language of conscious communication your own

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